How do I admit a loved one from home?
There are certain forms that need to be completed by the primary care physician including a History and Physical, admission order and a list of medications. The physician’s office will be familiar with these forms but please contact us; we would love to assist you.

What can I bring?
You may bring light personal items to include but not limited to: clothing, pictures of family, blankets, a cell phone, and small personal items.

Can I do my family member’s laundry?
Yes family may choose to do their loved one’s laundry.  Also, this option can be changed if needed.

How do I admit a loved one from the hospital?  What Information is Needed?
Please call the facility at 816.741.5105 and speak with the admissions department.  Someone will be happy to speak with you.

Is financial assistance available?
Our Admissions Director or Business Office Manager are available to meet with you to discuss your benefits with Medicare, Insurance and the criteria of Medicaid.